Easy homemade pistachio butter

Beurre de pistache maison facile

One of the most nutritious and delicious pistachio derivatives is pistachio butter. This delicious product is obtained by grinding and roasting raw pistachios. They usually use sugar or honey to sweeten it. Cardamom or rose may be used in pistachio butter; which helps pistachio butter to be tasty and fragrant. The pasty state of pistachio butter is due to the presence of pistachio oil itself and no other oil is added to it. It is good to know that the fat of pistachio butter is cholesterol-free and there is nothing wrong with eating it by those who have high cholesterol.


Today, many people like to use the properties of important ingredients and make their diet healthier than before so that they can prevent the occurrence of many diseases. Pistachio butter is one of the ingredients that many people use as breakfast, and you can also use it as a snack during the day or give it to your children as a healthy snack. There are many properties of pistachio and its butter also has the same properties with a different amount. In fact, using this substance can protect your body from free radicals because it is rich in antioxidants. We will tell you the other properties of pistachio butter.

 Having high antioxidant

The high amount of antioxidants in pistachio butter can protect your body against diseases caused by free radicals. Pistachios have a lot of antioxidants compared to other nuts, and this amount of antioxidants is necessary for the body of every person. It is interesting to know that antioxidants can prevent diseases such as cancer and thus increase your lifespan. Pistachio butter also has the same properties and contains other substances such as vitamin E and vitamin C in addition to antioxidants.

 low calorie

If you want to add negative calories to your body and at the same time you want to use butter in your diet, you should use pistachio butter. This butter has very few calories and can have very high effects in your diet and you will benefit from its properties and you will provide the right calories for your body and prevent obesity.

 High amino acid

Amino acids are usually not made in the body and you have to get them by eating the right foods. Pistachio butter is rich in amino acids and we recommend you to use pistachio butter once or twice a week to improve your health and mood.

 Improve vision

Among all seeds, pistachios are the most useful for the eyes and contain a large amount of lutein and zeaxanthin. These substances are the antioxidants that are very necessary for the health of the eyes and can prevent the occurrence of many eye diseases that are very difficult to treat. Macular degeneration is one of the eye diseases that can lead to blindness in old age, so it is better to prevent it before it happens to you by adding pistachio butter into your diet.

 Improve digestion

One of the most important things about pistachio butter is that it is rich in fibre and can prevent intestinal problems. If you add pistachio butter into your diet, after some time you will see the disappearance of your constipation and also this substance can lead to the destruction of harmful intestinal bacteria and generally improve the health of the digestive system.

 heart health

Another useful thing that pistachio butter does is that it can ensure the health of your heart. In fact, by eating pistachio butter, you help to reduce your blood pressure and this can prevent arterial damage and finally, by reducing the absorption of cholesterol from food, it prevents the accumulation of bad cholesterol in the arteries. All of these things can somehow help your heart health.

How to serve

·        Pistachio Butter and Peanut Butter Sandwich: Don’t miss this delicious combination. Spread pistachio and peanut butter on toast and eat as a nutritious breakfast or snack.

·        Strawberries dipped in pistachio butter: If you want to have a simple and elegant dessert and surprise everyone at parties; Do not forget this combination.

·        Pistachio butter and ice cream: sure if you like ice cream; You will also like the combination of ice cream and pistachio butter. You can pour pistachio butter on your vanilla ice cream; Or mix the two together. Either way, you have a delicious combination.

·        Pistachio butter and chocolate cake: Chocolate cake is one of the most popular cakes in the world. If you want to make your chocolate cake more delicious and beautiful; Pistachio butter will help you. Decorate the top of the cake with it and enjoy eating your cake.

·        You can also use pistachio butter in your smoothies.

To make a long story short

As you read, in this article, we discussed pistachio butter, its benefits and uses. Due to its properties, pistachio butter can replace many other foods on your table and provide many nutrients that your body needs, and you can also use this butter in many snacks and prepare a healthy and delicious snack for you and your family.

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