Estimating the Production of 200,000 Tons of Pistachios by Iran in 2023

Estimating the Production of 200,000 Tons of Pistachios by Iran in 2023

Keinia Group: Pistachio production in Iran has faced challenges in recent years due to frost, heat waves, and pest damage, resulting in decreased yields. However, this year’s estimates indicate a partial recovery from the incurred losses. Based on the available statistics, the production of dried pistachios in Iran in 2021 was 106,000 tons. It is predicted that approximately 200,000 tons of pistachios will be harvested in 28 pistachio-producing provinces this year, with over half of the production coming from Kerman (Rafsanjan city). The governor of Rafsanjan, who is also a member of the Pistachio Producers Association, forecasts a twofold increase in pistachio production in the region this year. According to Hussein Rezaei, despite the recent decline in pistachio production in Rafsanjan due to frost, floods, or heatwaves, it is projected to be more than twice that of the previous year. The peak of pistachio production in Iran was reached in 2007 when approximately 265,000 tons of pistachios were produced. However, the intensification of water scarcity in traditional pistachio-producing areas led to a decrease in high-volume pistachio production. Nevertheless, despite the challenges posed by climate change, agricultural techniques can be employed to increase production.

Exports of Pistachios to Europe Reach 28 Million Euros in Three Months

According to the European Statistical Center, the value of Iranian pistachio exports to Europe in the first three months of 2023 amounted to 28.3 million euros. Germany, Spain, and Italy were the largest importers of pistachios from Iran during this period. Of the total exports of Iranian pistachios to Europe, amounting to 28.3 million euros, Germany accounted for 19.5 million euros. The volume of pistachio exports varies yearly, with factors such as production levels and exchange rates determining the annual export volume. Customs export statistics for 2021 indicate that 56,298 tons and 43 kilograms of various types of pistachios, worth 405 million and 44,877 dollars, were exported from Iran, showing a decrease compared to the previous year. The export price per kilogram of pistachios ranges from 7 to 9 dollars, and the United States is considered Iran’s main competitor in pistachio production, having produced approximately 600,000 tons of pistachios last year.

Iran Ranks Second in Pistachio Production Worldwide

Mahmoud Ebtahi, the chairman of the Iranian Pistachio Association, stated in an interview with “Iran” that the estimated pistachio production for 2023 is expected to reach 170,000 to 200,000 tons. The city of Rafsanjan in the Kerman province is considered the pistachio hub of Iran. However, in the previous year, Khorasan Razavi, North Khorasan, and South Khorasan provinces produced the highest volume of pistachios. Nonetheless, this year, Kerman province is set to regain its position as the leading pistachio producer in the country. Ebtahi expressed dissatisfaction with the state of pistachio exports, stating that despite the production of high-quality pistachios in the country, it is not possible to compete with international prices. The domestic prices do not align with the global.

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