Everything You Need to Know About Panj Loz Delicious and Health Sweet| Origin, Ingredients, Recipe, and More

Trying the regional cuisine and desserts is a travel highlight for many people. In Iran, this is especially noticeable because virtually every region is known for its unique specialties.

Yazd, Iran’s oldest city, is renowned for its many historical sites and delicious desserts. Sweets in Yazd come in an astounding diversity. Yazd has something to satisfy your every want if you’re looking for a sweet treat. The one pastry that truly sticks out, though, is LOZ.

We can find Yazdi Loz in various colors and flavors, including coconut, almond, pistachio, and saffron.

Loz is like another pastry called Baghlava (Yazdi Baklava). It’s made with pistachio, almond, walnut flour, honey, syrup, cardamom, and rosewater and layered with crunched nuts. Presenting it in diamond shapes and sprinkling it with crushed pistachios is a time-honored custom.

Sweet and sticky Loz and Baghlava are traditionally served with hot Persian tea.

As a souvenir from your trip to Yazd, you can pick up a colorful assortment of Loz and Baghlava in a compact metal box.

What is the Meaning of Loz?

Meaning “rhombus,” Lowz is a delicious and healthy confection prepared from various ingredients such as pistachios, almonds, coconut, willow, egg white, rosewater, sugar, etc. After it’s been prepared, we serve the Loz in rhombus-shaped pieces. Many ladies in the area make this dessert because it doesn’t require baking. We’re going to examine the recipe for it more closely.

How is Loz Different from Baghlava?

Loz, another well-known Yazd confection, resembles Baklava but is created with no dough. Depending on the filling, Loz can take on several forms. Among the most famous are the coconut (Loz-e-nargile), pistachio (Loz-e-peste), almond (also known as Persian almond sweet) (Loz-e-badam), and saffron (Loz-e-Safran) (Loz-e-Safran).

Pick your favorite flavor of Loz and get a pack of only that, or get the Five Loz Pack if you want to try them all! (Panj Loz). All the mentioned varieties, plus baklava, may be found within the bundle.

Origin of Loz

Origin of Loz

Meaning “rhombus,” Loz is a delicious and healthy confection prepared from various ingredients such as pistachios, almonds, coconut, willow, egg white, rosewater, sugar, etc. After it’s been prepared, we serve the Loz in rhombus-shaped pieces. Many women in the area contribute to the economy by making this dessert, which doesn’t require an oven. We’ll investigate its recipe in more detail. First, let’s discuss where this delicious treat came from.

There is a modest history behind Coconut Loz, the very first Loz ever manufactured. British ships imported coconuts from Iran from the Persian Gulf during the Safavid dynasty. The coconut palm is an exotic species in Iran because it is a tropical plant. Shah Abbas helped to improve trade in the Persian Gulf by evicting the Portuguese from Hormuz and Qeshm islands. Since Britain sided with Iran on this issue, trade between the two countries has flourished.

The United Kingdom conquered several African countries from which it exported food. Coconut was one such meal. Mirza Yaqub Khan, an Iranian traveler who has spent time in Central Asian countries like Thailand and Indonesia, taught the Safavid royal kitchen staff how to prepare coconut when it first arrived in Iran.

During Shah Abbasi’s rule, Coconut Loz was made initially as a luxurious treat for the royal family. A peace pact was made between the Ottoman Empire and Iran under Shah Abbas’s reign. A large shipment of Isfahan Gaz, Isfahan Lowz, and copper handicrafts was given to the Ottoman Shah as an expression of gratitude. Over time, during the Qajar era, when the first steamships were built, water and rail transportation improved, allowing a more significant influx of food items like coconuts and oil seeds into Iran. By this time, confectioneries worldwide were making their own versions of Coconut Loz, and the treatment was no longer seen as something reserved for the royal court.

Loz Recipe


· 140gAlmond Flour

· 1/2 Cup (100g) Sugar

· 1/4 Tsp Saffron

· 1/4 Tsp Cardamom Powder


1. Saffron needs 20 minutes to absorb color and flavor from 2 tablespoons of boiling water.

2. Bring sugar and 1/3 cup water to a boil in a saucepan.

3. Cook the sauce for 5-10 minutes over medium heat, occasionally stirring, until it thickens.

4. Mix in some ground cardamom.

5. Remove from heat and incorporate the almond flour or meal.

6. Make sure everything is thoroughly combined by continuing to whisk.

7. Wrap the baking dish with plastic and pour in the ingredients.

8. Give the loz some time to cool off, and then cut it in the shape of diamonds.

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