Iranian Pistachio Market: Production of 240,000 Tons of Pistachio

Iranian Pistachio Market: Production of 240,000 Tons of Pistachio and Decline in Exports

According to Daryoush Salempour, the director of one of the offices of the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad of Iran, annually, 25 million tons of orchard products are produced over 3 million hectares of various orchards. In addition to meeting domestic demand, surplus products are exported to target countries.

The horticultural sector generates approximately 3 billion dollars in foreign exchange annually, with over 60% of it attributed to the exports of tropical and dried fruits.

Pistachio Production in the Country Reaches 240,000 Tons

The production of pistachios in Iran has reached 240,000 tons, with the country being recognized globally for its pistachios from over 500,000 hectares of pistachio orchards. However, climate change and water shortages have recently led to a decrease in the quantity and quality of pistachio production in Kerman’s pistachio orchards. To ensure sustainability, farmers have been compelled to use resilient varieties and innovative methods.

Climate changes, including unfavorable temperatures, have posed challenges to pistachio production in Kerman. Consequently, investors and farmers have decided to shift pistachio cultivation to other provinces.

According to Salempour, in recent years, pistachio cultivation has gained attention in provinces such as Khorasan Razavi, Khorasan South, Sistan and Baluchestan, Semnan, Qazvin, Markazi, and Fars. Pistachio cultivation is now expanding in regions suitable for it in East and West Azerbaijan provinces.

40,000 Tons of Pistachios Remained Unsold Last Year

According to a report by Keinia citing Kermannew, global pistachio production has broken a record. It is predicted that the volume of pistachio production will reach 1 million and 200 thousand tons. The volume of pistachio production has increased while Iran itself has remained in last year’s pistachio exports. According to a report by the Orchard Committee of the Iranian Pistachio Association, 106,000 tons of dried pistachio was produced in the country in the year 1401, which shows a 30% decrease in product compared to last year. However, even this 106,000 tons has not been exported.

According to customs statistics, in the 12 months of last year, only 56,298 tons of pistachio and pistachio kernels were exported to 57 different countries. Salahi, a member of the board of the Iranian Pistachio Association, told Kermannew that about 40,000 tons of pistachio remained in warehouses. While Iran has failed to export last year’s product, according to forecasts, pistachio production this year will be about 2 times last year.

Warning About Increase in Pistachio Smuggling

Recently, Iran and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) have signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on the production chain and organization of pistachios. It is hoped that, especially in Kerman as a key pilot, pistachio production and export to global markets, including the European Union, will continue.

In the current year, global pistachio production is expected to reach a record 1.2 million tons, while Iran’s pistachio exports have remained steady compared to the previous year.

The head of the Pistachio Association has warned of potential increases in pistachio smuggling due to the predicted high production of 1.2 million tons this year. He mentioned the challenges of currency issues and the global increase in pistachio production. The association aims to negotiate with officials to address export barriers, including high customs duties, to prevent a surge in smuggling.

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