Reactivation of Keinia industrial group site

The site of Keinia Industrial Group, which had been inactive for more than a year, started working again. This site, which was launched since 2008, by making new changes, in addition to informing the news of Keinia Industrial Group, will inform the news of FMCG industry and the news of the nuts and dried fruits industry of Iran.

About Keinia industrial group

Keinia Industrial Group has started its activity in the field of production and distribution of nuts and dried fruits since 1982 in the form of a small company. Today, with more than 90 employees, Keinia is active with two divisions which are Behrad Mazand, the producer of food products and Mahan Pakhsh Zarrin Shomal Company, distributor of FMCG. Subscribe to our newsletter for news on FMCG and Iran’s nuts and dried fruits industry.