Turkey exported pistachios to 104 countries in 2022

Turquía exportó pistachos a 104 países en 2022

According to the Southeast Anatolian Exporters Association (GAİB in Turkish), Turkey’s pistachio export in 2022 reached 181 million and 133 thousand dollars.

During the last year, 19,138 tons of Turkish pistachios were exported to 104 countries including Italy, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Republic of China, Qatar, Singapore, Nigeria, Malaysia, Japan, Cuba, Senegal and Ireland.

Italy is the main buyer of Turkish pistachios with 37 million 118 thousand dollars, followed by Germany with 29 million 751 thousand dollars and Kyrgyzstan with 15 million 858 thousand dollars.

In this regard, Isa Kizildemir, chairman of the Shanli-Urfa Commodity Exchange, told Anatoly reporter: Pistachio is one of the most important agricultural products for farmers in the southeast of the country, especially in Shanli-Urfa and Gaziantep.

He added: Since pistachio is a popular agricultural product, it brings benefits to both producers, artisans and exporters. With the increase of pistachio cultivated land in the region, pistachio harvest is expected to double in the future.

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