Türkiye: Largest nuts exporter to European countries

Turkey: Largest nuts exporter to European countries

According to the data of Southeast Anatolia Region Exporters Union, European countries have been the biggest customers of dried fruits and nuts exported from Turkey from January to September of this year.

During 9 months of this year, a total of 1 billion and 82 million dollars of nuts were exported from Turkey, and European countries accounted for 40.2% of this amount.

During this period, the value of dried fruit exports from Turkey increased by 5.2% compared to the same period last year. During the last 9 months, Turkey’s dried fruit exports amounted to 345,000 tons, which were exported to 153 countries.

Seedless grapes with 309 million dollars, dried plum leaves with 256 million dollars and pistachios with 145 million dollars have accounted for the highest amount of dry fruit and dried fruit exports from Turkey in the past 9 years.

During this period, Germany has been the biggest customer of Turkey’s dried fruit with 138 million and 847 thousand dollars. The countries of England with 83 million and 930 thousand dollars, America with 77 million and 554 dollars and Italy with 64 million and 220 thousand dollars are in the next ranks.

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