Iranian Pistachio Association Explores Pistachio Cultivation in Spain

Iran Pistachio Association Explores Pistachio Cultivation in Spain and Signs Collaboration Agreement with European Pistachio Council


Report by PistachioPro: In a significant development for the pistachio industry, ten members of the Iranian Pistachio Association (IPA) recently concluded their visit to Spain. The purpose of their visit was to gain insights into the progress of pistachio cultivation in the country, establish a collaboration agreement with the European Pistachio Council (CEP), and announce their projected production of 200,000 tons for the upcoming season. This estimate marks a substantial increase from the 106,000 tons produced in 2022.

Iran’s Pistachio Production Outlook

According to data provided by the Iranian association and obtained by PistachoPRO, Iran is set to return to its previous production level of 200,000 tons. This projection represents a significant surge compared to the past two seasons, with 135,000 tons in 2021 and a similar output achieved in 2019.

It’s important to note that Iran primarily exports the majority of its pistachio production, averaging around 160,000 tons. As of this season, the country has already shipped 817 tons of pistachios to Spain.

Strengthening Collaboration: Iranian and European Pistachio Councils

Following the footsteps of its collaboration with the American association, the European Pistachio Council (CEP) seized the opportunity during the Iranian delegation’s visit to sign a collaboration agreement between the two organizations. This agreement aims to facilitate reciprocal visits between Europe and Iran, host conferences of mutual interest, and initiate activities and projects related to the pistachio industry.

A Week of Exploration: Iranian Association Visits Spanish Plantations

Throughout the week, members of the Iranian association embarked on a tour of various plantations located in Malpica de Tajo, Carpio del Tajo, and Tembleque in the Toledo region. Additionally, they visited plantations in Guadix, Granada, and Archidona in Málaga. The itinerary also included visits to nurseries, machinery facilities, and the El Chaparrillo research center.

This visit marks the third time the Iranian association has explored the pistachio industry in Spain, following previous visits in 2016 and 2022. The repeat visits were intended to witness firsthand the growth and development of the sector in Spain, which differs significantly from the Iranian context.

The Pistachio Sector in Iran

Pistachios are cultivated in 27 out of the 31 provinces in Iran, covering a vast area of 337,000 hectares. The country boasts approximately 200,000 small-scale farmers with less than 2 hectares of land each, resulting in a total of 600 kg/ha average yield.

The major pistachio-producing regions in Iran include the provinces of Kerman, Khorasán, Yazd, Fars, and Semnan. Despite water scarcity posing a challenge, Kerman continues to dominate both in terms of farmland and production for the foreseeable future.

The primary consumer markets for Iranian pistachios, ranked by export volume, are the Far East, India, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) such as Russia, and the European Union.


Keinia Group: The visit of the Iranian Pistachio Association to Spain not only signifies the growing interest in understanding the developments of the Spanish pistachio industry but also highlights the potential for collaboration between Iranian and European entities. With Iran’s projected production of 200,000 tons for the upcoming season, it is poised to play a significant role in global pistachio trade. This visit fosters knowledge exchange and opens doors for joint projects and activities that can benefit both sides.

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