Iran lags behind in the current world pistachio production record

Iran lags behind in the current world pistachio production record

According to Keinia, citing the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), Mahmoud Sadeghi, the CEO of the National Pistachio Union of Iran, discussed the pistachio production situation in Iran and compared it with the production in the United States and other countries in a conversation on an agriculture magazine program.

He stated that Kerman province, responsible for 60% of the country’s pistachio production, is the most important region for pistachio cultivation in Iran. However, due to water scarcity in Kerman, some pistachio farmers have migrated to the outskirts of Tehran and are in the process of establishing pistachio orchards in this region.

Sadeghi emphasized that 24 provinces in the country are active in pistachio cultivation and production, and the National Pistachio Union, in continuous interaction with pistachio farmers, strives to address their issues.

Among the major challenges faced by pistachio farmers, Sadeghi highlighted water scarcity, difficulties in securing agricultural inputs, financial issues resulting from reduced production due to frost, export barriers, and challenges in obtaining foreign currency due to government policies.

According to Mr. Sadeghi, the pistachios produced in Kerman province are more suitable for export to global markets in terms of quality and visual characteristics. However, pistachios produced in Tehran province are more oriented towards consumption, with various local varieties such as Kalleh Ghouchi, Akbari, and Ajili being more prevalent in Tehran.

He added that the main exported pistachios from Iran are of the Fandoghi and Ahmad Aghaei types, which have seen years of investment and marketing in international markets. However, in recent years, American pistachios have become a serious competitor to Iranian pistachios.

Mr. Sadeghi noted that despite tough competition from the United States, the high quality of Iranian pistachios continues to attract attention in global markets, and he hopes that with the removal of obstacles, the export position of Iranian pistachios will strengthen.

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